Man bereitet ein Flugzeug fliegen

 we are more 

than just a certificate


Aviation looks back on a long, eventful time. Thanks to all the pioneers who risked their lives for aviation, we are where we are today. In a highly professional, safe environment. Lessons were learned from tragic events so that aircraft accidents cannot happen a second time. This safety culture has established itself internationally and must be protected by all means.


In the history of modern aviation there has never been a global crisis of the magnitude we are experiencing today. Never before have such drastic measures been taken. So far, however, no medical study has ever been carried out on flying personnel for a vaccine that was only approved on a provisional (limited) basis. Today, flight workers are forced to try this, or they lose their jobs. Is this the security we all want? Is it really in the interests of flight safety and the airlines' duty of care to force this step into the unknown? We at Airliners for Humanity take on exactly this topic. To maintain flight safety and to protect flight employees. Flight safety and health must not be exposed to an unknown risk.