Fliegendes Flugzeug

 What are the concerns of 

 Airliners for Humanity Switzerland? 


Flight safety is based on years of experience and unfortunately also on tragic events. However, these events set guidelines that all aviation stakeholders must adhere to. The set of rules is becoming more extensive every day and ever greater demands are being placed on security.

What would you say: should new technologies that are being introduced in aviation for the first time have a negative impact on the existing level of flight safety? Be honest: nobody wants to have a lasting negative impact on or endanger aviation. Your answer would most likely be no.

In 2020, a new kind of medical technology was introduced in aviation with the Covid-19 injections. This technology comes from manufacturers who, for the first time in their company history, have brought a product to a limited approval. The approval process was also new and the clinical studies are still ongoing today.

In this special starting position, it is particularly important to check whether the level of security can be properly maintained with this new type of application. Ask yourself: who do you think is responsible for testing and approving such a novel technology in aviation? We asked ourselves the same thing and went in search of clues. To do this, we will take a closer look at the individual sectors.