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It's not about vaccination anymore.

It is about you!

Dear colleague


You followed the QR code. What was the reason? Pure curiosity, intuition or perhaps a bit of hope?


Maybe you've heard of Airliners for Humanity, maybe not. If you want to know who we are and what we do, you will find it here on this page. This special page is for SWISS employees only. From SWISS employees for SWISS employees. And very important from the beginning: No, we are not vaccination refusers and also not vaccination opponents. Our participants are unvaccinated, vaccinated, boostered and/or recovered. We are very concerned about the future of all of us. Especially about you too!


Why are we worried? Or are you worried too? Who would have thought two years ago that our job would no longer depend on a performance and commitment, but only on a certificate? Where were we before, where are we now? Is it really only up to Corona now?


If you want to jump straight to the facts, feel free to take the shortcut here.... But we recommend you to take this journey back in time to the time before Corona with us.


Where are you today? Do you notice what has already happened around you. If you think about these statements, you may realize that something happened that no one would have believed. Can you identify with any of these following sentences? If so, then you've come to the right place. If all of this is foreign to you and you can't understand why it should be a problem with any of these phrases, then we wish it stays and continues to be true for you.


Personal issues:

I got boosted when I really didn't want to anymore.

I thought that after the second vaccination it will be over then.

I am in favor of the vaccination, but actually it is no longer necessary at this time.

I don't want to be boostered in any case.

I don't want to suddenly find myself alone.

I actually only did it because of traveling, not because of Corona.

If I don't get vaccinated, I will lose my job.

I don't know who to talk to about this.

Since the vaccination, something is not the same as it was.

I did it because my supervisor put pressure on me.

I will do a fourth vaccination as well, but that's it.

These rashes only came with the booster.

Despite side effects after the second vaccination, I still have to get boostered.

I got vaccinated and still got sick with Corona.

I got sick right after the booster.

Since the vaccination I have headaches and feel tired.


These are sentences that you have probably heard before or said yourself. But did you also hear or say these sentences two years ago? So now we don't get vaccinated against a disease as such, but only because of travel restrictions or operational reasons? What do you know about these vaccines? Don't worry, we are not going to explain the vaccines here, there are experts for that. But we want to show you the facts of where we are.


Again, you can jump right to the facts.... But we recommend you to find out with us why we are where we are now.

Liebe Kollegin, lieber Kollege


 what did it do to you 


Covid-19 - What did it do to you?


Were you afraid of Covid-19? Are you still afraid of Covid-19 or is this topic closed for you for the time being? I guess we were all just as shocked when we saw the first pictures from China and Italy. The first lockdown? What is happening around us right now? An empty car park 6 at the airport? The board with the arrivals and departures listed compactly on a single page? How is this going to continue? When will it finally stop? How to stop all this?

The supposedly only salvation was vaccination. Again, we won't go into the details of vaccination. As already mentioned, there are experts for that. But who are these experts? What happened to experts who warned about side effects?

Vaccination became mandatory. Everyone has developed their own gut feeling. But many were suddenly no longer allowed to follow this gut feeling. If everyone else does it, do I have to do it too? Time passed, colleagues were divided into "vaccinated" and "unvaccinated". Those who get vaccinated are thrown out, and those who don't get vaccinated are also thrown out, but out of the company. Even worse: we let ourselves be split up. For fear of suddenly only having to fly Hong Kong or taking over the unpleasant destinations. But was it really like that? Who finally took over the unpleasant destinations from December 1, 2021? Were the schedules less strict afterwards? Still, those unvaccinated cannot come back, it would be unfair. For real? Unfortunately, certain people have come to the point where such statements have been made. Why actually? Where is the big threat today? Is it really no longer possible without vaccination? what does that mean to you? Have we all changed so much because of a vaccination?

We took you on a short journey through time to show you that your possible thoughts are perfectly normal. But the situation around us continues to change strangely. Today, even people who have had severe side effects after vaccination are being pushed into a booster or lose their jobs. Is this still normal? What kind of person would ask that of an employee? Do you really want that? What if it happened to you yourself? WHO HELPS YOU?

Hattest du Angst vor Covid-19? Hast du immer noch Angst vor Covid-19 oder ist dieses Thema vorerst für dich abgeschlossen? Wir waren wohl alle genau so geschockt, als wir die ersten Bilder aus China und Italien gesehen haben. Der erste Lockdown? Was passiert gerade um uns herum? Ein leeres Parkhaus 6 am Flughafen? Die Tafel mit den Ankünften und Abflügen kompakt auf einer einzelnen Seite aufgelistet? Wie soll das noch weitergehen? Wann hört das endlich auf? Wie kann man das alles stoppen?

Die angeblich einzige Rettung war da, die Impfung. Nochmals, wir gehen nicht auf Details der Impfung ein. Dafür gibt es wie schon gesagt: Experten. Aber wer sind denn eigentlich diese Experten? Was passierte mit Experten, die vor Nebenwirkungen gewarnt haben?

Die Impfung wurde Pflicht. Jeder hat für sich ein Bauchgefühl entwickelt. Viele durften aber diesem Bauchgefühl plötzlich nicht mehr folgen. Wenn es alle anderen machen, dann muss ich das auch? Die Zeit verging, Kolleginnen und Kollegen wurden in "geimpft" und "ungeimpft" aufgeteilt. Wer sich impfen lässt fliegt, wer sich nicht impfen lässt fliegt auch, aber aus der Firma. Noch schlimmer: wir liessen uns aufteilen. Aus Angst, plötzlich nur noch Hongkong fliegen zu müssen oder die unangenehmen Destinationen zu übernehmen. Aber war es wirklich so? Wer hatte ab dem 1. Dezember 2021 die unangenehmen Destinationen schlussendlich übernommen? Waren die Einsatzpläne danach weniger streng? Trotzdem, diese Ungeimpften dürfen nicht zurückkommen, das wäre unfair. Wirklich? Leider ist es bei gewissen Menschen soweit gekommen, dass genau solche Aussagen gemacht wurden. Warum denn eigentlich? Wo ist denn heute die grosse Bedrohung? Geht es wirklich nicht mehr ohne Impfung? Was bedeutet das für dich? Haben wir uns alles so verändert wegen einer Impfung?

Wir haben dich auf eine kurze Zeitreise genommen, um dir zu zeigen, dass deine möglichen Gedanken durchaus normal sind. Aber die Situation um uns herum verändert sich weiterhin befremdlich. Heute werden sogar Menschen, die schwere Nebenwirkungen nach der Impfung hatten, zu einem Booster gedrängt, oder sie verlieren ihren Arbeitsplatz. Ist das noch normal? Welcher Mensch verlangt das von einem Mitarbeitenden? Willst du das wirklich? Was ist, wenn es dich selber treffen würde? WER HILFT DIR?

Airliners for Humanity

 What do we do? 


Airliners for Humanity

Yes, who is actually helping you? That's where Airliners for Humanity comes in. But do we at AfH do anything at all?

We stand up for the flight employees.
We offer an anonymous, free point of contact for all "flyers", without fear of impending consequences.

We support people who have had problems because of the vaccination.

We want to keep jobs.

We want to make the Covid-19 vaccination a personal, free decision again, according to the motto:
Vaccination YES, compulsory vaccination NO!
We support those who have been dismissed despite all discussions with SWISS.

We offer legal and medical support.

We get involved where the trade unions have looked the other way.

We are looking for solutions for a common, successful future for SWISS.

We are committed to maintaining flight safety.

We network with other airlines in Europe and worldwide in order to draw attention to us together.


What have we already done? We have grown into a large group. As already mentioned, a group of vaccinated, unvaccinated, boosted, recovered and, unfortunately, in the meantime already dismissed employees.


We teamed up with experts and, together with the concerns of all participants, sought dialogue with SWISS and the trade unions. To date, the trade unions have refused to work out solutions together with us. However, on October 11, 2021, we were allowed to present the concerns of the AfH participants to the extended management board. A brochure was handed out which you can read for yourself here .


 We want to listen! 



I got vaccinated and have had problems ever since. What now?

Airliners for Humanity tries to help as many as possible or at least to arrange help. We are in contact with medical professionals who take your concerns seriously and try to help. Dangers can only be identified and prevented if everyone can speak openly about their experiences.

With our Bunny Helps campaign, we are trying to collect funds for our colleagues who have gotten into financial problems as a result of the vaccination. We were already able to transfer a four-figure sum to a SWISS colleague who had to stay in hospital many times after the vaccination and had to spend all her money on looking after the children, which resulted in financial difficulties.

Do you also have a vaccination experience that you would like to talk about without fear of any consequences? Do you need help or perhaps medical or legal advice? Then get in touch with us using the registration form. WE WILL LISTEN!

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 Our arguments 


facts! - Document collection

We are not the data experts. However, we have facts that give us food for thought and we clearly believe that a dialogue must be held about them. Claims and statements have been made that cannot be substantiated and are often only based on external authorities. We too took this data and got a picture that raises many questions.

The document safety and vaccination
  (Status 10/16/21) provides the principle for our arguments, medical, operational and legal. We take a stand on the allegations and possible reasons for the introduction of SWISS's compulsory vaccination and have asked SWISS questions ourselves on our website. Unfortunately none of these questions have been answered to date.

We also address the argument regarding yellow fever vaccines and their obligatory nature, clearly showing that the novel vaccines are in no way comparable to yellow fever vaccines. In addition, side effects have been reported to an unprecedented extent, which call for particular caution.

We also show that these novel vaccines still do not have proper approval and that not all the necessary documents for the studies are available.

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Join now

Together into the future 


Join now - start into the future together!

Even if a "new normal" means change, it doesn't have to be carried out on the back of your free choice or your health. It is important that you and all of us can continue to decide what seems right for us in the future. This is especially important if your questions have not been answered to date. You are told that you can "decide", but that you also have to bear the consequences. But who bears the consequences if something happens to you?

We have to end such situations immediately and get out of this vicious circle. Together we can do it. In the interests of all of us, but above all in the interests of you and your future.

Sign up today if we've piqued your interest.
We look forward to you and your support!

Airliners for Humanity