What are the concerns of 

 Airliners for Humanity Switzerland? 


Unlike drugs used to treat and relieve symptoms, vaccines are used on healthy people. We focus on the flying personnel and only make statements about healthy people between the ages of 20 and 60 years.

The risk of severe Covid-19 disease is very small for people who are proven to be healthy. Omikron also showed that the viruses are becoming increasingly unproblematic. Therefore, the demand for vaccines among flying personnel is very high. Especially when they exercise safety-related expenses. Pilots have high health requirements that they must meet. The use of medication is very limited and must always be discussed with the responsible aviation doctor before use. Only if the mode of action of these drugs is known and unproblematic, they may be used.

So what do we know so far about how mRNA vaccination technology works? Can this technology be compared to conventional vaccination? After just a few months, it became known that these vaccines do not remain in the muscle as promised, but can be detected throughout the body. What consequences this can have does not yet seem to be known. Additional problem: after a short time, you have to be vaccinated again. What consequences are to be expected? We leave that to the experts, but note: The answers to these questions do not seem clear and are constantly changing.

Even the purpose of these therapies has already changed drastically. While "prevention of illness" was the promise in the drug approval, short-term protection against serious illness is still spoken of today. How was that again, with the risk of serious illnesses in healthy, young people?

What is the point of these regular injections, what are the benefits and what is the possible risk? All of these questions can be answered, but the answer changes almost every day. But what we don't know to this day is: what risk are we accepting or have already accepted?

What data have the vaccine manufacturers published? What effects can already be found in the official government statistics? Click on the appropriate box if you want to learn more about it.

However, we are interested in the following questions:
Have the vaccine manufacturers explicitly checked whether these vaccines lead to an increased risk when used in aviation? Unfortunately, the answer is no. On the contrary: The letters of admission open the door to many questions that should really be clarified as a matter of urgency.

"..noch nicht bekannt, da es immer noch in klinischen Studien untersucht wird."

"Es wurden keine Studien zu den Auswirkungen auf die Fahrtüchtigkeit durchgeführt."

"Es liegen nur limitierte Daten zur Auffrischimpfung vor."

"Die Sicherheit, Reaktogenität und Immunogenität.. werden in einer laufenden
Studie beurteilt."

(Auszüge aus Arzneimittelinformation Spikevax)