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We are not the data experts. However, we have facts that give us food for thought and we clearly believe that a dialogue must be held about them. Claims and statements have been made that cannot be substantiated and are often only based on external authorities. We too took this data and got a picture that raises many questions.

The documentsafety and vaccination  (status 10/16/21) provides the principle for our arguments, medical, operational and legal. We comment on the allegations and possible reasons for the introduction of SWISS's compulsory vaccination and have asked SWISS questions ourselves on our website. Unfortunately none of these questions have been answered to date.

We also go to the reasoning regardingyellow fever vaccinesand its obligatory nature, clearly showing that the novel vaccines are in no way comparable to the yellow fever vaccines. In addition, side effects have been reported to an unprecedented extent, which call for particular caution.

Also, we show that these novel vaccines are still aboutno proper approvalavailable and not all the necessary documents for the studies are available.

In aviation, who is responsible for testing the COVID-19 vaccines and their impact on flight crew and flight safety? Is there an unknown danger? How great is this danger? Our research shows that in the last 2 years a construct has formed in which all those responsible hide behind recommendations from "others". Measures and demands are made, but these are not explicitly checked for suitability and effects in aviation. Risk assessments usually do not take place in a critical, independent framework, as is actually required. More on this in our latest document:Covid-19 vaccines - (Un)known hazards for aviation - Part 1.