Airliners for Humanity

 What do we do? 

Airliners for Humanity

We stand up for the flight employees.
We offer an anonymous, free point of contact for all "flyers", without fear of impending consequences.

We support people who have had problems because of the vaccination.

We want to keep jobs.

We want to make the Covid-19 vaccination a personal, free decision again, according to the motto:
Vaccination YES, compulsory vaccination NO!

We offer legal and medical support where possible.

We get involved where certain trade unions have looked the other way.

We are looking for solutions for a common, successful future in aviation.

We are committed to maintaining flight safety.

We network with other airlines in Europe and worldwide in order to draw attention to us together.


What have we already done? We have grown into a large group. A group of
vaccinated, unvaccinated, boosted, recovered and unfortunately already dismissed employees.


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